Unshakeable Peace

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Words began to flow ever so slowly from a gentler place within. It was an aquired taste to be willing to stand still in a sea of unsorted, sometimes painful thoughts and wait for a new kind of thought to form, but I was more than willing.

I had lived the contrast long enough. There was no mistaking the feeling of truth in my body as I dared to let old patterns fall aside and stood shaking in the empty space.

I had become willing to reach for the unshakeable foundation of peace I had sensed in others who had taken the time to share their words with me. Knowing that someone else had found something real and saw sharing with me in my state of confusion as worthwhile gave me just enough courage to make a series of  leaps of faith.

I had heard people often need to reach their own personal lows in order to find the necessary strength to surrender to a higher power and search for a new way. But in that moment, I realized it was possible to be inspired not only by despair, but also by overwhelming tenderness.


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Quiet Reflections and Prayers

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