Carefully Gathered and Released

Reflections July 7, 2018

The process of creating

involved a tender aching

of the heart

as carefully gathered pieces

were released back into

nothingnes, again,

and my heart dared to bear

the moment before they appeared

again, in a new way —

a little unexpectedly.

I understood, in those moments,

why it is tempting

not to endure this process,

at times,

reaching instead for a seemingly

less painful option.

♡ I’m  happy to say I just finished my 4th book, What Now. (Thank you, Michelle.)

Comments 5

  1. terpsichorean says on July 7, 2018

    Ah, I love how true this is, the pain involved in creation is always something that intrigues me, because as artists and creatives, we do it anyways. I love how you wrote about it from the idea that the subject is just being rebuild in a new way, like the law of conservation of energy. This is really lovely.


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