Just Me

Reflections October 23, 2015

One day I let go

a little more

of the need to be

completely sorted

or to fit

into any image

or category.

And on that day,

I became

just me.

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  1. Trini Lind says on October 23, 2015

    I love that! 💖. I try to do the same. I dont like when people just think of me as the good girl or the shy girl, because then if I do something like dance wildly or sing loudly or like an angry song, it is like they get disappointed, and sometimes say that that is not me. But how are they to know what is me? I can also be wild and angry and bold! And I dont want to feel bad about it!

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  2. MichelleMarie says on October 23, 2015

    Oh I love this! I should have come here earlier! I had the thought to do so! I was thinking about this letting go! I feel a bit clingy today with my girl! I know it will shift and pass. I’m so thankful for you and this space and place! ❤

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      • MichelleMarie says on October 23, 2015

        You know I thought you might say that! I was wondering about that driving in and this thought came to my mind! Like a circle! Like your hearts! ღ

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    • Laurie's Notes says on October 23, 2015

      That was my experience with the clingy parts. ❤ They got a little stuck for a while… but it was amazing when they found their way. ❤ Now they only cling to this place. ❤


      • MichelleMarie says on October 23, 2015

        Yay! Thank you and you are right about that~I already feel the shift! ღ yay! Have a good day too! I’m here! 😀 I’m charging my heart up today! I was tired when I woke up! 😛

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