A Delicate Move

Continuing On March 29, 2017

And so there was

a new story

born out of my


not to reject

any piece of Self

or deny the transformation

to continue

and my dedication

to my own

quiet prayer.

It was not a choice

between two stories,

but an honoring

of both —

a delicate move

toward inclusion

I had practiced


The tricky part

was standing my ground

and allowing

what was already

to come together

in my heart

and all of its


Through My Willingness and Yours

Quieting March 29, 2017

It was possible

to amplify tenderness —

to hold

and heal

pieces of Self

grown tired

from all the pushing


old wounds

needing to be


not exploited,

and all the back-and-forth

originally intended

to turn us back

toward our hearts.

There was risk,

of course.

But continuing

in the direction of


had become too painful.

We had been healing

at the root.

And so we held our


and found our way —

through my willingness

and yours.

Message in a Bottle

Honoring March 28, 2017

I release

these pieces

having held

and honored

and transformed

each one

into a prayer

in my heart.

I know they belong

not only to me,

but to all of us.

And so I send

this message in a bottle


to where I found it —

knowing  whatever returns

will come freely,

as a gift from

a deeper me..


Honoring March 28, 2017

I found it didn’t

matter so much

just how things

played out

on the surface.

The wholeness

of the world

around me

and within

never left my side —


It changed form.

At times

I seemed to be


But if I got

really honest

and brave enough

to look,

there was always

some connection —


There were times

when the contrast

of connection

and the disconnect

was too much

to hold

all at once.

But I learned

how to hold

and honor

my own steps

and those who

crossed my path —

a little at a time.

Life became

a sacred journey.

And whatever the world

reflected back

was okay.


Continuing On March 26, 2017

I found I could

send a note


through time

to the place

just before

I needed it —

reaching into

a wordless place

that couldn’t be reached

in any other


Life became

a little sweeter

as I continued

to light my own

unfolding path.

Hidden Treasures

Honoring March 23, 2017

I learned

to use all that

had once seemed

unwanted and painful

in my experiences

and inner heart.

I found there was


and connection

and meaning

hidden as treasures

to be found.

And so I vowed

to hold

and honor

and set down

all of it —

until I could

hear my own quiet prayers

more clearly.

It wasn’t always


But it was always


Treasures Hidden

Quieting March 19, 2017

After a while,

I found

the subtle knowings

that bubbled up

from the space

within my heart

and offered comfort

I could hold

to be worth

the natural gathering of

treasures hidden

in the experiences

and quiet letting go

that happened just


Subtle Knowings

Quieting March 18, 2017

Something longed

to know the space

below the surface —

to tune myself

to subtle knowings

of my own unwhispered


It startled me

at first

to sense

my own true voice

and notice where

attention landed

when it was allowed

to play.

The subtleness

seemed almost

too tender to hold

without trying

to translate into


But I learned to hold

the forming words

a little longer

and allowed my heart

to lead.

Without a Doubt

Continuing On March 17, 2017

I had stood

on the edge.

I had looked darkness

in the face.

I had searched

my own soul

down to the core

and held the tiniest

point of light.

And I had grown


I had screamed

and cried.

And I had

given up —

for a while.

I had found comfort

and regathered

my heart

in pieces

and yes,

prayed —

to whoever could hear —


I had listened

to whoever dared

to share

anything that resembled

what I had known

and let go of

and knew again

in that moment —

without a doubt.

In This New Moment and the Next

Prayers March 17, 2017

Thank you

for all things


the sweetness

of the connection

with my own deepest


Thank you also

for all things along

this path

that have challenged me,

adding to

the tenderness

of the journey

and lighting

a fire of courage

to become

a little more


Thank you for

courage to set these things


and the resilience

to reach

for new things.

I trust in

the natural flow

and balance

and magic

of life.

And I am honored

to be a part

of this sacred journey

again and again —

in this new moment

and the next.



Continuing On March 15, 2017

I found

all those old

longings to be seen

and understood

and invisible

and left alone

and right

and all that other


had actually been

multiple sides

of the same longing for

my own whole


When I was connected,

I found life to be

a little less


and a lot more