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Unsorted / Continuing On

When I looked back, after a while, the story I had carried had faded. It was the subtler, sometimes painfully subtle, story beyond the surface that kept my attention.

It was the faint memory of all the times I had managed to quiet my heart just enough to hear the quiet prayer spoken from my own heart somewhere long ago.

It was each moment I allowed my heart to remain open, even though I was sure I didn’t know how to continue on, that had woven a more beautiful story — somehow.


Even More Beautiful

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Quieting / Unsorted

I let go,

trusting that wherever

the pieces fall will

be okay —

possibly even more

beautiful than if

I had tried to fit

them together

on my own.

— Laurie, What’s Right Here 

Higher Thoughts

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What Now became

a choice in each moment,

the courage to release

everything held

so carefully for so long —

again and again.

It was the conviction

to stand firmly

in a space of not knowing —

the willingness to loosen

my grip on life —

the choice to wait for inspiration

and higher thoughts.

Before the Words

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I vowed to be still in my heart

just long enough

for words to form

to comfort all that was

unsettled in me.

And then I found

the comfort came before

the words,

in my willingness to be

with all that is here —

in the presence of

my own soul.

Guided by Grace

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May I be guided today by grace. May I have the patience to wait for higher thoughts. May I be moved by inspiration and love and creative flow — viewing each experience that crosses my path as an alternate route to tenderness. Amen

From There

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As I looked back

on the long journey,

the thought came

that if I had to choose

a place to start again,

I would go back

to the first time

I was moved

to trust

my own heart —

when there was nothing

left to try

except to drop everything

and find out

what was left.

I would start again

from there.

— Laurie, What Now

What Is Left

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After all of

the holding

and letting go,

more than I ever thought


what is left

is a silence,

a reverence —

a trace of lingering sadness,

a treasured tenderness

surrounded by the

purest love.

— Laurie, What’s Right Here

In This Moment and the Next

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Sometimes prayers

become wordless —

when there are

a million words

in the heart,

but not one

to match

the rawness

of emotion felt.

And so I offer

my deepest silent


to the place

of peace

in us all

in this moment

and the next.

And I honor

our steps

as we find our way.

— Laurie, What Now