From There

Somehow I got it

that I was moving

in a direction

that wasn’t exactly

where I had wanted

to go.

I had to back up

and look again

from my heart

for whatever it was

I thought I’d been

seeking —

to start over again —

though I had been

trying for so long.

And so I looked

around me —

from exactly where I


and started again

from there.

Whatever It Was

At a certain point,

the only real

option was to hold

the space within —

to retreat

in surrender

to the quiet prayer

of my heart —

not knowing

how or if

it would affect

anything else.

But it was the only

real option left —

again and again.

The landing became


after a while.

And it didn’t seem

to matter so much

what met me

in that place.

Whatever it was

had to know

the sweetness

of that same


All of It

I gathered all

parts of me,

even those

most difficult

to hold.

And I held all

of me —

all of them.

It didn’t matter

how long it took

or that there was,

in fact,

no guarantee

that my holding

would make any

difference at all.

And I honored all

that had led me

to that point —

all of it —

because I had

made it to my

deepest heart.

And I set

it all


Just Below

I found it was

possible to reclaim

and transform

parts of my heart

the world described as


I found it was possible

to turn my attention

toward the parts

of me

that were most

healed —

while scooping up

all that was unhealed

and all that was


It took a bit of


to sneak below

my usual thinking


which saw only

the surface

and mismatched


Oh, but just below

was where I found

the sweetest treasures.