Laurie’s Notes come from the quiet space I found to exist within us all.

After struggling for decades with a relentless case of anorexia and as a new mom, I went searching for true healing and peace and found it through reconnecting with my heart.

I struggled with anorexia for decades. At the end of the struggle, I was turned away by therapists and alternative therapists.

My experience in the world feels much gentler now. There continue to be challenges.  Presently,  I am unraveling the emotional aspects of a recent struggle with Rosacea as well as leftover emotional debris from anorexia — understanding of course that this is only part of the story.

Writing helps me to reach parts of myself I couldn’t reach in any other way — transforming trauma into tenderness.

It is with gratitude and love that I share these notes from my heart — as others have shared with me.

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