Laurie’s Notes come from the quiet space I found to exist within us all.

After struggling for decades with a relentless case of anorexia and as a new mom, I went searching for healing and peace and found it through reconnecting with my heart.

It is with gratitude and love that I share these notes from my heart — as others have shared with me.



Words As Medicine

My notes are messages to parts of myself that couldn’t be reached in other ways… like the parts of me involved in anorexia. I continue to write (even after the illness disappeared) as a way of soothing these parts. I don’t think about it too much or try to explain too much. Somehow these parts of me understand. Others have had similar experience reading them. Sometimes a word or phrase or feeling resonates. Sometimes life experience reveals a little more. Sometimes insights come spontaneously.  It’s  kind of subtle. This process has allowed me to continue to be in the world without anorexic thoughts or medication or continued therapy and with a deepening peace. (Of course I did all of those other things for a while too.)

I know each of us has our own unique processes, and we gather pieces that work. I’m happy to share this piece.

Blessings and Love,

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