Laurie’s Notes come from the quiet space I found to exist within us all.

After struggling for decades with a relentless case of anorexia and as a new mom, I went searching for true healing and peace and found it through reconnecting with my heart.

I struggled with anorexia for decades. Toward the end of the struggle, I was turned away by therapists and alternative therapists, but I kept going.

My experience in the world feels much gentler now. There continue to be challenges.  There has been the unraveling of physical and emotional leftover debris from my recovery from anorexia . I have worked to shift generational patterns — leading me ever deeper into a quest for truth and healing.

Writing helps me to reach parts of myself I couldn’t reach in any other way — transforming trauma into tenderness.

It is with gratitude and love that I share these notes from my heart — as others have shared with me.

I have much gratitude and compassion for all of us here at this time of  huge challenges and new possibilities. I know the power in looking darkness straight in the face, integrating fear and trauma, and transforming pain into tenderness. I know the power of forgiveness and love where it would seem impossible. I believe in the sacredness of life and the beauty and power of who we truly are.