At a certain point,

the only real option

was going to

the source —

risking it all

to find something

worth holding.

It meant looking


and finding

that one thing

I could say

was sacred,

that one thing

worth holding

if everything else

I thought I had


turned out to be


I had to know

if there was

hope for any of us.

I had to know if

there was something

to be found

in us

that was capable

of holding

anything pure

without messing it up.

And it turned out

there was.

8 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. Reblogged this on Tell Me About It and commented:
    My friend Laurie taught me about the sacred parts of our hearts and that maybe not sharing everything I knew was okay. My genuine desire to see others healed and free is what fueled this passion for my loved ones and friends to be okay! I wanted so desperately to help and found my oversharing was only driving them away. I realize that perhaps someone I know has maybe shared a scared part they wished they hadn’t…so this keeps me sharing and not stopping. Otherwise, I really would go away and stop blogging and participating in social media. My true heart’s desire is to see wounded hearts healed and for all of us to be peaceful and free no longer tied to our expectations of how we think life should show up and we just start living in this moment because truly it’s really all we have! This moment is precious to me and so are you! ღ

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