Quieting Prayer

Help us to quiet the surface stories, just enough — that we may see the love beneath all things — that we may find courage to step outside of all of it and choose, in each moment, where to go from here — to focus on the gifts we came to share. Amen.

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A Gentler Me

For a while,

I looked to the

outer world for

something that would

offer an answer

or mend the whole

in my heart.

But this journey

had a way of

softening the healer

in me,

little by little —

until the purity

of her love

could no longer be

denied —

until there were

no more holes

in my heart

to be filled.

And life began

to reflect a truer,

gentler me.



The more I explored

being with myself

in a new way,

the more I

understood what it was

I was noticing.

It wasn’t the surface

details so much.

I had allowed those

to blur a bit.

It was my own

essence I began

to notice.

It didn’t have


It was subtle

at first.

But I found I could

focus on what was

most healed

in me.

And somehow,

ever so gently,

outer experiences

began to meet

the essence

of my own deepest



The Space Within

The contrast was


whenever I looked

back at the way

life had seemed


It wasn’t so much

that the scenery had


But it had became

more tender.

I found I could

be in my heart

and in the world

at once.

And, in a way

I couldn’t quite


what had seemed


began to take on

some of the qualities

of the space

within my heart.


From Within

From the outside,

the changes

seemed subtle

at first.

But from within,

it was clear

there was

something different

here —

a steady kind

of deepening,

a whisper of peace

where there had been


a contentment

independent of

outer circumstances

and past struggles,

but always connected —

a life unfolding


out of the quiet prayer

within my heart.

And there was nothing

subtle about that.