Hidden Safely Within

Again and again, I chose to find my way back to the quiet spaces my mind once tried to escape. It was a gentle turning away from the constant inner chatter and outer struggles of mind — a sinking down into my heart — where mind, joined with heart, was able to reflect the silent prayer of a love hidden safely within.


A Place of Reprieve

There were times

when the most pressing work

to be done

was to retrace my steps,

to return to

a place of reprieve —

to soothe

my own heart

a little more.

Without Words

After a while,

I learned to listen

to the quiet prayer within.

It began as a whisper

without words,

but its presence was enough

to light my path

when I felt most challenged.

It reminded me of

the all that was miraculous

and led to a place

of compassion for myself

and others here at this time

as souls in human form.

A Gentler Me

For a while,

I looked to the

outer world for

something that would

offer an answer

or mend the whole

in my heart.

But this journey

had a way of

softening the healer

in me,

little by little —

until the purity

of her love

could no longer be

denied —

until there were

no more holes

in my heart

to be filled.

And life began

to reflect a truer,

gentler me.

Courage to Soften

I learned to listen

to life,

not as a distant,

separate being,

but as a gentle


of messages to

deeper parts of


I loved

the tender way

the messages softened

as I found courage

to soften

my own heart

a little more.

What Is Left

After all of the holding

and letting go,

more than I ever thought


what is left

is a silence,

a reverence —

a trace of lingering sadness,

a treasured tenderness

surrounded by the

purest love.

What’s Right Here

Walking Through

I am healer.

When times get hard,

I stand firm.

With gentleness

and love,

I reclaim each part

of me.

When the outer world

becomes noisy

and my inner pain

is too much,

I begin by stopping

and find relief

in walking through.

— What’s Right Here


It was always


to reach the point

where words couldn’t

go —

where my own

questions, directed

outward, became added


And I knew it was

up to me

to interpret the


wisdom of my heart

once more —

as best I could —

without knowing

exactly how.