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Unshakeable Peace

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Words began to flow ever so slowly from a gentler place within. It was an aquired taste to be willing to stand still in a sea of unsorted, sometimes painful thoughts and wait for a new kind of thought to form, but I was more than willing. I had lived the contrast long enough. There was no mistaking the feeling of truth in my body as I dared to let old patterns fall aside and […]

In My Heart and in the World

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I learned to look for the light in every experience, no matter how dark it looked at first glance. It meant being willing to not know exactly how situations would transform, while knowing they would in fact transform. It meant being willing to be still in my heart and diligent with thoughts while daring to place my feet in the world of form. There was a delicate softening — the transformation into tenderness. Tenderness spilled […]

A Place of Surrender

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What Now became a way of being. It took a bit of practice to allow my mind to relax into a place of surrender to the prayer within my heart and to integrate parts of me I had previously struggled against. But it was there hidden within this place that I found true healing and peace.

From Here

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Continuing On

And so the decision was made to continue on. There was no room in that moment for regret or any other cluttering thought. There was silent understanding in each open heart that the time had come to listen a little more deeply and speak a little more intently from here.


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Softening came as I learned to process life in subtler ways — feeling for wisdom in all of my experiences, not sorting out each one, but listening with my heart beneath the stories on the surface. It was a welcome shift from how it had been into finding and being the healer within.


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Continuing On / Softening

During times of great shifting, when emotions were intense and bodies and minds tired most easily with each added thought and moment of learning, I found it was possible to return my focus to the stillness within and count every single piece of wisdom gained as valuable — while being willing to hold it lightly — remaining unafraid to release all into the creative space I learned to embrace again and again, each time a […]

After a While

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Continuing On

I found peace in each moment of choice. I found it each time I dared to look things straight in the face and reach for the most healed part of me and others and for the divine. It was a choice. The option was always there to close my eyes and stop reaching. But I understood where that led — after a while.


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At a certain point, the only real option was going to the source — risking it all to find something worth holding. It meant looking within and finding that one thing I could say was sacred, that one thing worth holding if everything else I thought I had understood turned out to be untrue. I had to know if there was hope for any of us. I had to know if there was something to […]