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Before the Words

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I vowed to be still in my heart just long enough for words to form to comfort all that was unsettled in me. And then I found the comfort came before the words, in my willingness to be with all that is here — in the presence of my own soul. Advertisements

From There

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As I looked back on the long journey, the thought came that if I had to choose a place to start again, I would go back to the first time I was moved to trust my own heart — when there was nothing left to try except to drop everything and find out what was left. I would start again from there. — Laurie, What Now

A Place of Surrender

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What Now became a way of being. It took a bit of practice to allow my mind to relax into a place of surrender to the prayer within my heart and to integrate parts of me I had previously struggled against. But it was there hidden within this place that I found true healing and peace.

From Here

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Continuing On

And so the decision was made to continue on. There was no room in that moment for regret or any other cluttering thought. There was silent understanding in each open heart that the time had come to listen a little more deeply and speak a little more intently from here.

Without Words

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After a while, I learned to listen to the quiet prayer within. It began as a whisper without words, but its presence was enough to light my path when I felt most challenged. It reminded me of the all that was miraculous and led to a place of compassion for myself and others here at this time as souls in human form.

All That Was Beautiful

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There was something tender about walking through intense darkness and intense light. There was a very real choice in each moment to reach more deeply into my Self and to offer my love more intensely to the world — to align with all that was beautiful about being alive and to live as a prayer — no matter what.