A Place of Reprieve

There were times

when the most pressing work

to be done

was to retrace my steps,

to return to

a place of reprieve —

to soothe

my own heart

a little more.


A Place of Surrender

What Now became

a way of being.

It took a bit of practice

to allow my mind

to relax into a place

of surrender to the prayer

within my heart

and to integrate parts of me

I had previously struggled


But hidden within this place

was true healing

and peace.

From Here

And so the decision was made

to continue on.

There was no room

in that moment

for regret or any other

cluttering thought.

There was silent understanding

in each open heart

that the time had come

to listen a little more deeply

and speak a little more

intently from here.

Without Words

After a while,

I learned to listen

to the quiet prayer within.

It began as a whisper

without words,

but its presence was enough

to light my path

when I felt most challenged.

It reminded me of

the all that was miraculous

and led to a place

of compassion for myself

and others here at this time

as souls in human form.

Careful Merging

There was a tenderness in the careful merging of the most difficult, painfully raw parts of the journey with the equally raw beauty of having found a love pure enough to match it. It was this newly unfolding path I learned to trust in each moment with all my heart.

All That Was Beautiful

There was something

tender about walking

through intense darkness

and intense light.

There was a

very real choice in

each moment to reach

more deeply into my Self

and to offer my love

more intensely to the world —

to align with all that was

beautiful about being alive

and to live as a prayer —

no matter what.

From Within

I learned the value

in aligning

with my own


Old patterns

fell away as

I continued to love

all of the many

different parts of


The goal in each

new moment became

accepting and

integrating parts of

the whole,

allowing love

to flow more freely

from within.


There was a settling

down into my heart

that continued to deepen.

I began to understand

beyond thinking

and listen beyond words.

I learned to hold

my own shadows

and light —

letting go of ideas

held too tightly

in exchange for

the lightness

of compassion for

myself and others

and the renewed strength

to continue on

as a clearer reflection

of my own quiet