A Quieting

Continuing On, Unsorted January 22, 2017

There was a quieting

that came out of

my willingness

to look a little deeper,

not further into mind,

but further into

the heart.

And from there,

I could see

more clearly.

There was relief

I hadn’t found

in other ways

and a tenderness for life

in all of its forms

that held me securely

in my deepest heart

and moved me

to continue on.

Comments 5

  1. MichelleMarie says on January 23, 2017

    For some reason this reminds me of what I did with my Pa when he was passing I held whatever came a little deeper because I didn’t want to miss the tenderness and I didn’t it was there and we both shared it. This one reminded me of those moments. Tender! 💜

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