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Continuing On / Unsorted

When I looked back, after a while, the story I had carried had faded. It was the subtler, sometimes painfully subtle story beyond the surface that kept my attention. It was the faint memory of all the times I had managed to allow a quieting,  just enough to hear the quiet prayer spoken from my own heart — somewhere long ago. It was each moment I allowed my heart to remain open, even though I […]

Higher Thoughts

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What Now became a choice in each moment, the courage to release everything held so carefully for so long — again and again. It was the conviction to stand firmly in a space of not knowing — the willingness to loosen my grip on life — the choice to wait for inspiration and higher thoughts.

Before the Words

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I vowed to be still in my heart just long enough for words to form to comfort all that was unsettled in me. And then I found the comfort came before the words, in my willingness to be with all that is here — in the presence of my own soul.

From There

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As I looked back on the long journey, the thought came that if I had to choose a place to start again, I would go back to the first time I was moved to trust my own heart — when there was nothing left to try except to drop everything and find out what was left. I would start again from there. — Laurie, What Now


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The shifts toward greater alignment with my heart were painfully subtle at times, but I learned that movement is movement.  I found any amount of flexibility in my mind and body could be held and carried into more movement and more gentle guiding of unaligned fragments of Self back to the center of my deepest heart — in each moment.


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One day I got it that life isn’t supposed to get completely sorted out. I understood there is always a place of unsettledness. Who’s to say what and how much to sort through and surrender and how much to leave alone in the transformative state of raw tenderness? I couldn’t help but look back on all the time and energy spent trying find someone or something to help me out of the mess in my […]

A Gentler Way

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For a while, parts of me did their best to survive. The noise created in my mind served as a way to focus away from attempts to sort out what couldn’t be processed completely from that place. Had I been able to access more highly consious parts of me, I would have been shown a gentler way. In truth, I was shown this gentler way, but needed to reach a place where I could hear […]