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Transformation into Tenderness

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I found peace in the deep knowing that all things could be viewed as being in a state of continuous transformation into tenderness. Every single creative project I entered as well as every life challenge reflected the serenity to be found as I surrendered ever more deeply into this organic movement. Instead of trying so hard to struggle against this natural process, I learned to return to the quiet prayer within and allow outer movement […]

A Quiet Kind of Beauty

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There was a quiet kind of beauty in allowing my heart to be in pieces. It wasn’t the mending, so much, that allowed my experience in the world began to soften. It was the gentle shift from being the pieces to being the whole Self. It was too much at first to step out of the pieces. And so I practiced holding and letting go until the tenderness of tapping into my own true essence […]

Without Words

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After a while, I learned to listen to the quiet prayer within. It began as a whisper without words, but its presence was enough to light my path when I felt most challenged. It reminded me of the all that was miraculous and led to a place of compassion for myself and others here at this time as souls in human form.

Following a Prayer

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There was a willingness to show up in each new moment — letting go a little more of the continuous narration of mind — a deeper surrender into the silent space of What Now?  It took a bit of adjusting to the inner quiet — a retuning to more subtle thoughts and experiences. What Now wasn’t bound to old storylines. It was a place of possibilities and seeing from a higher view — where I […]

A State of Prayer

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There were times when I sensed listening for inner resonance and trusting the quiet whisper of truth in each moment had become a little more important. I had learned the importance of stopping to listen to life and gained a respect for its mystery, but it was during these times when I was called more deeply within that I began to notice just how much I could soften my experience in the world and be […]


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From A Quiet Prayer / Softening / What's Right Here

There was a softening of the story on the surface, a gentle resetting. The default emotion become one of peace, the very thing my heart had longed for and called me to. There was a more natural connection with all of life, a gentle unfolding of the quiet prayer within my heart. Silent pauses became welcome parts of the relaxation into a gentler way of being.