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Unsorted / Continuing On

When I looked back, after a while, the story I had carried had faded. It was the subtler, sometimes painfully subtle, story beyond the surface that kept my attention. It was the faint memory of all the times I had managed to quiet my heart just enough to hear the quiet prayer spoken from my own heart somewhere long ago. It was each moment I allowed my heart to remain open, even though I was […]

What Is Left

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After all of the holding and letting go, more than I ever thought possible, what is left is a silence, a reverence — a trace of lingering sadness, a treasured tenderness surrounded by the purest love. — Laurie, What’s Right Here

In the Direction of Restoration

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I learned the value in reclaiming the sacred space within and reconnecting with my heart. There were times when a power greater than my own small, separated self rose up and intuitive knowing could no longer be ignored. Each moment became a conscious choice of “What now?” Anything not moving in the direction of creativity and restoration naturally fell away.

In the Silent Space

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The more I listened to life, the more I noticed the part of me that could hold and let go of any experience. There was a softening each time I stood a little more firmly in my heart and dared to linger in the silent space. Words formed out of this place soothed and echoed in places that had seemed unhealable.  And there was tenderness where there had been only pain.

From There

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I found I had the power to stand in my heart no matter what. And though it saddened me to remember all the times I walked a darker path, I knew the sacredness of the journey back and the power in choosing my thoughts a little more carefully in each moment from there.


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Prayers / Unsorted

For the parts of us that grieve for all that can’t be expressed in words, for the frustration that comes when words are attempted and seen to be insufficient, I offer my deepest silent prayer. Know that we don’t grieve alone — even when it seems we are on opposing sides on the surface. Somewhere, below the surface stories and very real pain, we know we are connected. And we know there is a part […]

In Compassion

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I learned to move in compassion. I chose to notice subtle insights and find clarity. I chose to know myself more deeply as both body and spirit, in this body for a purpose I didn’t always understand. I chose to experience negative emotions and challenges in new ways and allow myself to be drawn to new experiences I didn’t know existed. These new experiences showed themselves to me as one continuous quiet prayer. And so […]