Prayers, Unsorted


For the parts

of us

that grieve

for all that

can’t be expressed

in words,

for the frustration

that comes

when words are


and seen to be


I offer my deepest

silent prayer.

Know that we don’t

grieve alone —

even when it seems

we are on opposing sides

on the surface.

Somewhere, below

the surface stories

and very real


we know we are


And we know

there is a part

of us that

is healed.

May it continue

to whisper

as we find courage

to hold our grief

and our healing




In Compassion

I learned to move

in compassion.

I chose to notice

subtle insights

and find clarity.

I chose to know

myself more deeply

as both body

and spirit,

in this body for

a purpose I didn’t always


I chose to experience

negative emotions

and challenges

in new ways

and allow myself to be

drawn to new experiences

I didn’t know existed.

These new experiences

showed themselves

to me

as one continuous

quiet prayer.

And so I honored

this journey

in myself and



Just Below the Surface

I found

the journey

of life

included some things

that were difficult

to look at

at first.

There were certain thoughts

and memories

and wounds

and moments of


There were shadows.

And there was

the desire to

believe that I could

somehow make sense

of all of it

through endless

sorting on the surface.

But peace came

when I had

exhausted every attempt

to sort life out

on the surface.

Eventually I had to

trust in my own

unique process

of feeling

into my heart

and see from a wider view —

just below the surface.



I vowed

to take all that was

not beautiful in my

own heart

and transform it —


I vowed to hold

each wounded part

in me,

including those that were

most difficult

to hold.

And when it was

not possible,

I held the empty space

of their absence.

I showed up

for each life experience.

I held it all

until it was possible

to set it all down.

And I found

that wherever

I placed myself

within this sacred journey,

I was held

safely within

my true,

whole self.


As It Was

Healing became

less of something

to figure out

after a while.

It began to feel

more like a sacred


as I began to place

my focus

more and more

in my heart.

Instead of trying

so hard to create,

I began to notice

the natural way

I was pulled to

notice life

around me

and inside.

I found myself

holding and letting go

of all that crossed

my path —

as the two became one

delicate movement.

Quiet prayers

were whispered

and symptoms disappeared.

But by that time,

it didn’t really

matter so much

exactly what happened

on the surface

because there was

something tender

in meeting life

exactly as it was.


Out of Emptiness

I found

the more I looked

and anchored myself

just below the surface

and practiced filtering

all things

through my heart,

the more I was able

to filter out

pieces of truth.

I trusted in my ability

to know

when to pull back

and integrate,

taking care to

push just enough —

avoiding extreme

ups and downs.

I began to listen

and trust in my own


and the gentle thoughts

that formed

out of emptiness,

through my willingness

to let go

of all of it

and my persistence

to wait patiently

for the slightest bit

of truth

that would carry me

safely to the next

needed step.



And so I stood

as the shattered pieces

of a self finding

its own heart.

There was a


in the midst

of the chaos

as it began

to sense

the different way

truth was felt


the way it

flowed out

of all of its pieces —

the way it led


into the place of


how it was moved

by the natural beauty

and delicate balance

of the very ground

of its own being —

where it was humbled

and without words

for a moment–


not to impose.