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Continuing On

Sometimes the only thing I knew to do was to keep going, which undoubtedly meant surrendering to the creative flow of life. And so there was the painful dropping of pieces I had held so carefully and an understanding I seemed to have with God that I would sometimes hold on a little longer, push ahead, lose my center, and struggle to find any resemblance of grace. But I would always keep going. Advertisements

Keep Going

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Continuing On

Each time another challenge arose, I was reminded of how it could have been — had I not allowed the process of expanding to happen so freely. There was frustration as old patterns and emotions were brought to the surface, and I was tempted to retreat– just a little. I learned to turn inward and hold my ground — refusing to quit before the next tender place was reached. Sometimes my prayer sounded more like […]


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Continuing On / Unsorted

When I looked back, after a while, the story I had carried had faded. It was the subtler, sometimes painfully subtle story beyond the surface that kept my attention. It was the faint memory of all the times I had managed to allow a quieting,  just enough to hear the quiet prayer spoken from my own heart — somewhere long ago. It was each moment I had allowed my heart to remain open, even though […]

Silent Spaces

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Continuing On

And so I learned to reach a little further into my own heart. I learned to reach for a little hidden magic and a quiet prayer to hold for as long as it took — until the softness I felt there began to spill over. I learned to reach for healing words reflecting silent spaces in hearts that knew the sacredness of the journey back whenever old wounds showed up again. I learned to soften […]

From Here

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Continuing On

And so the decision was made to continue on. There was no room in that moment for regret or any other cluttering thought. There was silent understanding in each open heart that the time had come to listen a little more deeply and speak a little more intently from here.


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Continuing On / Softening

During times of great shifting, when emotions were intense and bodies and minds tired most easily with each added thought and moment of learning, I found it was possible to return my focus to the stillness within and count every single piece of wisdom gained as valuable — while being willing to hold it lightly — remaining unafraid to release all into the creative space I learned to embrace again and again, each time a […]

After a While

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Continuing On

I found peace in each moment of choice. I found it each time I dared to look things straight in the face and reach for the most healed part of me and others and for the divine. It was a choice. The option was always there to close my eyes and stop reaching. But I understood where that led — after a while.


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Continuing On

At a certain point, letting go of everything became the only real option. There was a gentle surrender, a resetting of parts ready to work together in new ways — a release of the continuous dialogue of mind that would have held me back.