This Natural Unfolding

I learned to

listen to

and follow

what resonated with

my own inner


I was led to

treasures and clues

that my heart


I learned to gently

hold a space

for this natural

unfolding in myself

and others

and to trust each of

our higher selves

to arrange the pieces.


The Embrace

More and more

attention was placed

on the embrace

of love

that enveloped​

all of my


It no longer

made sense

to continue focusing

anything less into



Sometimes it was

hard to hear

the quiet prayer

in my heart

Sometimes life became

so noisy

and the best I could do

was to hold on

to the knowing

beyond doubt

that it was

in fact always there —

no matter what.

Somehow that was


Most Natural

Out of necessity,

I became willing

to remember how

to see with

my heart —

to dare myself

to hold my focus

just below the surface —

to toss everything

and trust

what was needed

to come back down —

to meet my Self

in each moment —

to notice again and again

that I was indeed

still okay here —

until this was

the most

natural place

to be.

This Sacred Space

Let us be


in our own


Let us remain

centered in our own

deepest hearts,

moved to action

from this place

and not the shifting

ground around us.

Help us to hold

this sacred space

above all else.