This Natural Unfolding

I learned to

listen to

and follow

what resonated with

my own inner


I was led to

treasures and clues

that my heart


I learned to gently

hold a space

for this natural

unfolding in myself

and others

and to trust each of

our higher selves

to arrange the pieces.


Sacred Space

I began to let the words

find their own way

out of my experiences

and out of my heart,

though the empty space

I was left holding,

having tossed everything

back to wherever it came.

I became willing to

stand in that uncomfortable

place of in-between,

letting the pieces

come together

as they always did —

allowing life

to both lead and follow —

showing up empty

of me —

holding sacred space

for all of us.


All That Is Soft

I hold this space

in my heart,

this once forgotten place,

in honor of all that is

mysterious and unloved —

knowing that,

in this place,

nothing else is needed.

— Laurie, What’s Right Here

Note: My first book, What’s Right Here, will be ready soon with its new, softer look. Thanks to Renee and Michelle. Much love and gratitude for all who visit here.
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