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Listening Prayer

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From A Quiet Prayer

A different quality of thought arose whenever I chose to return to the wordless prayer in my heart. I liked the natural quieting within that seemed to grow each time I returned to this wordless space. Where there had been constant noise, there was a beautiful space of listening prayer. Advertisements


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From A Quiet Prayer / Softening / What's Right Here

There was a softening of the story on the surface, a gentle resetting. The default emotion become one of peace, the very thing my heart had longed for and called me to. There was a more natural connection with all of life, a gentle unfolding of the quiet prayer within my heart. Silent pauses became welcome parts of the relaxation into a gentler way of being.

Within Us All

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From A Quiet Prayer

In-between struggling and peace, there was a delicate hand, the me that could lead the rest of me safely though this place. It wasn’t each little part alone as it had seemed. It wasn’t the good and the bad. It took each one who had felt separate and tried so hard. It took the trust of each precious one who dared to show up. And it was this delicate turning around by the healer within […]


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From A Quiet Prayer

Thoughts began to appear more like subtle prayers. Old ways of thinking fell naturally to the background as my mind merged more fully with my heart. Old wounds were honored and held with love for as long as needed when it was difficult to let go all at once. After a while, holding and letting go became one movement and life was seen as one continuous silent prayer.