From A Quiet Prayer

The Gentler Way

I found there was

a choice

in each moment.

I could choose

to follow the flow

of life,

co-creating with it,

or to move

in the other


And so I began

to choose

the gentler way.

From A Quiet Prayer, Softening, What's Right Here


There was a


of the story

on the surface,

a gentle resetting.

The default emotion

become one of


the very thing

my heart had

longed for

and called me to.

There was a more

natural connection

with all of life,

a gentle unfolding

of the quiet prayer

within my heart.

Silent pauses became

welcome parts

of the relaxation into

a gentler way

of being.

From A Quiet Prayer

Within Us All

In-between struggling

and peace,

there was a delicate hand,

the me

that could lead

the rest of me safely

though this place.

It wasn’t each little

part alone

as it had seemed.

It wasn’t the good

and the bad.

It took each one

who had felt


and tried so hard.

It took the trust

of each precious one

who dared

to show up.

And it was

this delicate

turning around

by the healer

within us all.

From A Quiet Prayer


Thoughts began

to appear more

like subtle prayers.

Old ways of thinking

fell naturally

to the background

as my mind merged

more fully

with my heart.

Old wounds were

honored and held

with love

for as long as needed

when it was difficult

to let go

all at once.

After a while,

holding and letting go

became one movement

and life was seen as

one continuous

silent prayer.

From A Quiet Prayer

Still Here

And so I began

to listen

to a softer voice,

one that seemed

to begin

as a whisper.

And though there was

great shaking

as old ways


I held on to

the quiet place

in my own heart —

letting go

of all that left.

And though

there was pain

in going this way,

all I remember

is the tenderness

of the gentle whisper

from my own heart

reminding always,

no matter what,

I’m still here.

From A Quiet Prayer, Unsorted

A Quieting

I eventually chose

healing above

all else.

I chose to use

every experience,

without exception,

as a stepping stone

to the place

of neutrality —

where there was

a quieting,

a letting go –

a reconnection

and resetting —

where clear thought,

and actions

could arise.

And I found

each moment

of reconnection

far outweighed

anything I had tried

in its place.

From A Quiet Prayer


By grace,

I remembered

the power

of staying centered

within my heart

while offering

my part in the unfolding

of the story

we all share.

I healed

my own heart,

transformed darkness

within myself,

held and let go

of all parts

of me —

traded in every last

resentment in the search

for a deeper truth

and the slightest bit

of hope

for the remembrance

of this sacred journey

called life.

I healed

and transformed trauma

and found

a quiet prayer

connected with truth

and compassion

for all

could travel far —

reaching places

where few words

could go —

joining together

with others —

healing what had seemed


I honored

and traded

my own story

for a prayer.

And so I offer

this living prayer



From A Quiet Prayer

From Here

With each new challenge,

I scanned

my surroundings

as we do

when we begin

to feel unsettled —

reaching for

the strongest healers —

holding firmly


And I was reminded

each time

of the deepening calm

within my own heart.

And though it ached

for the parts of us

that were afraid

and the places

that remained


I was so thankful

to be able to hold

all of it —

to offer my piece —

to be connected

with this place —

to scan my surroundings

once more

to find

my firmest support

within my own heart

and yours.


From A Quiet Prayer

Prayer of My Heart

Little by little,

I stopped believing

in the stories

of the mind

until one day

I turned around

and searched for

that place in me

where I used

to struggle against

my own self —

where I could be

knocked off-center

by any outside force —

that place that sent me

searching desperately

time and time again

for another someone

or another something

to address

our separateness

and fill the emptiness.

But on this day,

I realized I had

set it all down

in exchange for

the one continuous,


prayer of my heart.