The Quiet Prayer

I chose to listen

to the quiet prayer

of my heart.

I learned to

feel into subtle

experiences and

knowings beyond thought

I searched for

peace and fell in

love with gentleness.

I allowed

my life to flow into

more gentleness —

for that was

what I had come

to do.


Being Healer

Being healer

meant reaching in

for that last bit

of courage

to reach out

just one more time.

It meant taking

the pieces of

my heart

to safe places

and remembering how

to hold them.

It meant using

my flexibility

to continue on

as I was guided

to new places.

It meant using

my ability

to listen

a little more deeply

and to finally

understand that

the place I had

searched so hard

to find

was the sacred space

within my own




No longer bound

by outdated ideas

of how life should be,

I began to show up

in a gentler way —

seeing above

my own limited view —

slipping out

of projections

and old patterns —

making the best

of the pieces

I had to work with

in each moment —


the sacredness of life

and finding respite

in the middle of

the most chaotic of times.