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With Love

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Thank you for courage to follow where my heart would lead and for resolve to stand firmly through challenges within the creative flow when it would be easier to take a different path. Bless all who dare to continue to create with love and those who have not yet begun. Amen Advertisements


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Prayers / Unsorted

For the parts of us that grieve for all that can’t be expressed in words, for the frustration that comes when words are attempted and seen to be insufficient, I offer my deepest silent prayer. Know that we don’t grieve alone — even when it seems we are on opposing sides on the surface. Somewhere, below the surface stories and very real pain, we know we are connected. And we know there is a part […]

Keep Going

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Thank you for gentle souls who dare to keep going, refuse to give up hope, and continue to look for and hold magic found in unlikely places — no matter how many times their hearts seem to shatter or how many pieces need to be gathered or set free. Thank you for tender heart friends. Amen

Courage to Become

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Thank you for all things reflecting the sweetness of the connection with my own deepest heart. Thank you also for all things along this path that have challenged me, adding to the tenderness of the journey and lighting a fire of courage to become a little more free. Thank you for courage to set these things down. Amen


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I honor each heart that has shown up to find its own true voice at a time when so much is being transformed. I honor the sacred journey each one must travel alone in order to come together in a new way. I honor those who hold a space for me to sort through all that is in need of sorting. I honor this journey in my own heart. And I hold this space for […]