In This New Moment and the Next

Thank you

for all things


the sweetness

of the connection

with my own deepest


Thank you also

for all things along

this path

that have challenged me,

adding to

the tenderness

of the journey

and lighting

a fire of courage

to become

a little more


Thank you for

courage to set these things


and the resilience

to reach

for new things.

I trust in

the natural flow

and balance

and magic

of life.

And I am honored

to be a part

of this sacred journey

again and again —

in this new moment

and the next.



I honor each

heart that has

shown up

to find its own

true voice

at a time

when so much

is being


I honor the sacred

journey each one

must travel


in order

to come together

in a new way.

I honor those

who hold a space

for me

to sort through

all that is in need

of sorting.

I honor

this journey

in my own heart.

And I hold this space

for those

just beginning.