A New Path

I found

it was possible

to turn in the direction

of natural unity

and abilities

in a world that had

put just about


above the sacredness

of its own soul

and body.

I found it was possible

to look

at where I stood

and choose

to take a different path —

to not get lost

in the grieving of

what could have been

or settle for

bad copies

of what was still

pure —

to remember

what had been kept

hidden and safe


my own heart

and to use the skills

I had learned

to find

or create

a new path.

No Matter What

There’s a tender

kind of humility

that comes out of

finding one’s own

deepest beating heart

and vowing to heal it

at that very core —

no matter what happens

on the surface —

because it is seen

that to make any kind

of lasting difference

it simply must

be done.

Words like should

and never no longer


In fact, all words

fail to express

the view

on the way back