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From A Quiet Prayer / Softening / What's Right Here

There was a softening of the story on the surface, a gentle resetting. The default emotion become one of peace, the very thing my heart had longed for and called me to. There was a more natural connection with all of life, a gentle unfolding of the quiet prayer within my heart. Silent pauses became welcome parts of the relaxation into a gentler way of being.

With Love

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What's Right Here

I hold what is here with love — the natural unfolding, this clear space, the reverence — all of this, including all that is painful and confusing. Even as I feel the shifting ground beneath me, I accept and love all of it as it is — right here. I know these arms have held the indescribable pain of separateness, reaching inward and through — daring to hold ALL of the pieces of their own […]

A New Path

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What's Right Here

I found it was possible to turn in the direction of natural unity and abilities in a world that had put just about everything above the sacredness of its own soul and body. I found it was possible to look at where I stood and choose to take a different path — to not get lost in the grieving of what could have been or settle for bad copies of what was still pure — […]

Along the Way

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What's Right Here

Life became more of a natural, organic process. Figuring every step and knowing exactly how to do it was replaced with quiet joy picked up somewhere in the exploration, the delicate innate ability to trade in confusion for a search for tenderness and the magic of unexpected treasures found along the way.