Waiting for Words

I learned to listen

with my heart —

navigating my way

gently through

all that had been

too much.

I found I could

back up a little

when part of me

needed picking up.

I found relief

in letting go

of everything,


in my heart

and waiting for

words to form

as a prayer —

reaching deep down

to where I couldn’t

reach before —

always just enough.

My Own True Voice

I began to listen

with my heart

to words

reflecting my own

inner knowing.

There was a calling forth

and allowing of

my own true voice

to flow out

though my own

unique experiences

and join

with others

in such a way

as to form

a symphony

of clear sound

and the accompanying


I began to

see my own small part

and those around me

as connected

and important —

leading us safely

through all that was



I had to know

what was right

there with me,

an internal knowing

I seemed to have

lost —

a different kind

of thought

that bubbled up


more like sensing —

a quiet prayer

that, when followed,

led through challenges —

past all the surface hype —

back into real satisfaction

and lasting

calm —

naturally clearing away

every other question —


everything in its path —

if only I could

remember the words.