Message in a Bottle

I release

these pieces

having held

and honored

and transformed

each one

into a prayer

in my heart.

I know they belong

not only to me,

but to all of us.

And so I send

this message in a bottle


to where I found it —

knowing  whatever returns

will come freely,

as a gift from

a deeper me.


I found it didn’t

matter so much

just how things

played out

on the surface.

The wholeness

of the world

around me

and within

never left my side —


It changed form.

At times

I seemed to be


But if I got

really honest

and brave enough

to look,

there was always

some connection —


There were times

when the contrast

of connection

and the disconnect

was too much

to hold

all at once.

But I learned

how to hold

and honor

my own steps

and those who

crossed my path —

a little at a time.

Life became

a sacred journey.

And whatever the world

reflected back

was okay.


I found a lightness

I had forgotten

and remembered


along the way.

I was thankful

for all that had

led me around

and through

to that exact

point —

though I could offer it

no words.

I was thankful

to know

we were all


I was honored

to continue on —

to focus

a little more sweetly

on where we were


I knew it was

a really tender place.

And I knew it was

a tender place

right where we stood.

Wordless Prayers

I found I could

feel my way

through this life

as I let go

a little more

of cluttered thoughts

and ideas

of how it should


I found comfort

in the subtle insights

I once tried

to sort out.

There was a natural

reverence for my own


and for others.

Prayers became

more wordless

as I began to trust

the one continuous

quiet prayer

I once

turned away

because the contrast

had seemed too vast.

This Sacred Space

I found

my deepest connection

in my own heart

and in the hearts

of others

who dared to find

space to hear

and follow

their own true


I found

no substitute for

this sacred space.

No treasure

or achievement

or projection


ever came close.

No amount of approval

ever tasted as


There was no seeking

for it

and no grasping

when it appeared.

There was

only love.

What Else?

I honor each part

of me

and of you

that dared

to find the way

back to our hearts.

Having been led

by a whisper

of a love

from which we felt


we began

and we continued on.

We spoke gently because

the delicate nature

of healing hearts

was sensed.

We found strength

in the authentic


with each other

and in our ability

to trust

in our highest calling

and deepest truth

when there was

no guarantee of

how this life

would unfold.

We were healers.

What else could

we do?