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What Now

Unfolding February 9, 2018

What Now was a gentle way of continuing on. It meant being okay with where I was on the human journey. It meant being okay with where others were as well.

It meant letting go of the need for outer stories to go a certain way, while still being present and offering my part.

There were times when I was so thankful for all I had learned and a bit shocked by the physical bumps and bruises that had been part of the journey.

I found What Now to be a good place to focus in each moment. I could honor whatever came up and be thankful for how far I’d come. I was also disciplined enough to know when my focus on something was not helpful (such as the details of others’ journeys). It was a saving grace to learn to keep my focus on the unfolding step in front of me. No matter what I wished I had done before or understood a little sooner, it mattered that I was taking this step now.

I liked the way this new found sense of self felt as I dropped the old stories in my mind and focused on the step in front of me.

Sometimes holding pieces of past wounds was the appropriate next step. Sometimes it made sense to set something down or reach for something new. I liked the way it felt to be connected with my heart.


A State of Prayer

Unfolding December 29, 2017

There were times when I sensed listening for inner resonance and trusting the quiet whisper of truth in each moment had become a little more important. I had learned the importance of stopping to listen to life and gained a respect for its mystery, but it was during these times when I was called more deeply within that I began to notice just how much I could soften my experience in the world and be in a state of listening prayer in any moment.