Letting Go

This Natural Peace

There was relief

in not needing

to fit

all of the pieces

of my heart


all at once.

I found comfort

in allowing life

to unfold

from within

and freedom

in experiencing myself

and others

in this natural state

of peace.

Letting Go

In Trust

There were times

when the absolute best

I could do

was take the very next

needed step in trust

that the next

would appear

just as needed —

just as it had

always been.

And in-between these

small leaps of faith,

the voices of doubt grew

so much quieter

that I found myself

straining to hear —

as if their presence

could offer

any real security.

Funny, I had thought

they did.

Letting Go

Beautiful Emptiness

With all of the pieces

gathered up,

after having glimpsed

the true peace

at the bottom of

the deep abyss below,

I let go

of everything

and jumped.

I stopped seeking,

stopped questioning,

stopped trying

to know the exact right

way to do it.

This time,

I trusted the pieces

to fall where they needed

to fall.

And I held on

to the beautiful

emptiness in the very center

of my heart instead.

Letting Go

Where Nothing Is Too Much

Sometimes the story

on the surface

was too much.

And so I found

I could toss it up

and trust the pieces

to come back down

a little more gently.

And I was thankful

for the quiet

wordless messages

from my heart

that took its place.

I didn’t wish them

to be less subtle anymore

because I knew they came

from that pure place

where nothing is too much.