Wisdom of the Heart

Waiting for Words July 30, 2015

I began to listen

a little more deeply,

letting go a little more

of the need

for an outer mirror —

not knowing

if my reflection

would ever be noticed at all —

realizing just how deeply

we are connected

in our hearts



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  1. Nicole says on July 30, 2015

    Wow….I love your notes of wisdom so much….and find myself stearing away from mirrors….I have kept myself hidden for so long….not knowing how to face my own reflection…

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    • Laurie says on July 30, 2015

      I’m happy my notes are helpful for you. I believe that healing is a sacred journey and I honor yours. I found it is possible to reconnect with ourselves gently and trust a deeper part of us to show us just enough in the present moment. So I didn’t need to keep trying so hard to sort everything out from my past or wait for some future time to feel better. I also found we are all connected so in healing our own hearts we are doing our part of a bigger healing. It wasn’t that there was something terribly wrong with me. And so I began to hold my experiences in the world in a new way… with a new kind of honor and let go a little more… It’s a movement, I found.. a way of being. I found healing can feel good and tender… magical even.
      Have a gentle day.
      ♡ Laurie


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