Each Tiny Piece

Waiting for Words August 8, 2015

Let me always remember

the peace I found

in following my own heart,

in holding each tiny piece

of a me that could

never be broken,

in beginning to listen

just a little deeper —

listening with my heart

instead of just my mind

and all of its endless figuring out

and questioning.

Let me remember instead

this joy of reconnecting

with the tiny pieces

of this life

without needing

to fit them together

all at once.


Comments 5

  1. Trini Lind says on August 9, 2015

    Sometime the tiny puzzle pieces are even more beautiful and interesting than the whole puzzle put together. Sometimes the mystery, the possibility, the imaginative options are more wonderful than the finished picture ❤ that is what I feel st least ❤ hugs!! ❤

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