Waiting for Words August 24, 2015

I have no words

for what has happened

to my heart.

There are no words

for the quiet kind

of joy —

having found just enough


just the right hands,

and the pure determination

to walk straight through

all that was illusion

into all that is true.

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  1. Lorien says on August 25, 2015

    This is so beautiful Laurie. Sometimes in my meditation I practice tonglen, which is a meditation of giving and taking on the medium of the breath. I take in the pain of others into the vast blue sky expanse of my heart, and I give out joy, peace, contentment. It’s a practice of allowing your own feelings to arise, to merge with them, to breathe them in for all beings who are having the same feeling. Your poem reminded me of how I sometimes breathe in the pain of the belief that life would be better if certain conditions were met–I breathe this in for myself and all beings. Then I breathe out contentment, gratitude, openness to things as they are now. Your poem reminded me of this contentment practice, the quiet joy that comes when one’s eyes and heart are truly open to this moment. And yes, this takes great courage–I agree. ❀

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