From a quiet prayer…

like a quiet prayer…

Sometimes a prayer will do…


15 thoughts on “From a quiet prayer…

  1. Beautiful…. Thank you.
    The very first healer I went to when I was sick… She had many angels..”.Look at their faces” she said.
    I think we could say the same around here…. “Look at their art”
    Love you, dear friend. I’m glad you’re here.

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    1. Oh yes! Yes we could, our sweet earth angel of a friend! The gratitude is all mine; in every post of yours, descending like a tired migratory bird on a heavenly meadow with a clear lake, my soul is offered a place to rest on, find nourishment and regain peace. I love you so so much Laurie and keep you in my prayers always! Sweetest Merriest Christmas to you and yours!

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