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How Could We Not?

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Reflections / Unsorted

It takes a certain kind of conviction to become willing to hold both shadows and light and vow to find true peace without having reached the lowest possible low. It takes a certain kind of spiritual maturity and grace to look a little further down the path ahead and return to the present moment —  trusting our steps to be guided toward creativity and miracles instead of despair. Sometimes we are touched so deeply by […]

All That Was Tender

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After a while I learned to be in my heart and in the world. I learned to extract all that was beautiful and all that was tender from each experience. I learned to stand with the part of me that was most healed and let go — holding the door of my heart for all that was not quite beautiful — daring to continue on with love.

After a While

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Continuing On

I found peace in each moment of choice. I found it each time I dared to look things straight in the face and reach for the most healed part of me and others and for the divine. It was a choice. The option was always there to close my eyes and stop reaching. But I understood where that led — after a while.

Pure Thought

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As I continued to reflect on my own journey, I began to remember what original thought felt like before being interpreted or manipulated. And this pure thought became a kind of medicine — reaching a part of me that had longed to hear her own true voice.

No Matter What

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There was a sense of connection that couldn’t come out of finally being fully understood on the surface. It didn’t come out of finally finding all the answers to endless questions. It didn’t even really come out of anything I had gathered in my attempts to find it. This sense of connection came out of the whole journey — through the pain of rejection and the willingness to walk through the unknown in search of […]

Sacred Space

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I began to listen a little more deeply, noticing without forming thought too soon. I found myself safely grounded in the sacred space of my heart. I could feel when truth was spoken and recognize my own true voice rising out of the silent spaces I had longed for and feared. And I knew I could filter it out of any amount of noise and clutter.


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For a while, I followed my mind and all that it held to be true. But I found the mind rarely spoke of truth without the heart. And the heart, though gentle and soft, always found a way to remind it of what was truly sacred.

Something Real

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It happened subtly at first. Thoughts and ideas and all those many images and words about how we should be and how things had been began to fade — just enough to let in something unexpected — an original thought, a genuine expression, a little breathing space — a tender interaction almost missed — the serenity we felt as we didn’t grasp. Maybe it was us who dared to turn away in search of something […]