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Without Doubt

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For a dear friend who asked me what I learned after a long recovery from anorexia and for all of us —   I found that, without a doubt, who I am is more than this human body and mind. I know this, not because I studied with enlightened beings, even though I did. I know this because I lived it. That is the power and tender treasure in this human journey, especially those that […]


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One day I looked inside, expecting to see the desperate searching, the longing to fit, the crying out and pushing down – the one who struggled to piece it all together. But on this day, I found none of it. I realized I had it backwards before. All of these pieces weren’t really meant to fit neatly together at all. They were meant to be free.


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From A Quiet Prayer

Because I had grown tired of all the trying so hard to find my way back to my own heart, I found peace in the simplicity of the surrender and natural movement that happened in reconnecting with and being the quiet prayer that had guided me ever so gently back to itself.

Unspoken Prayer

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I began to filter life in a gentler way, holding and honoring moments as they unfolded, shifted and transformed into the next. This motion of deep reverence and unconditional love became my unspoken, continuous prayer — sure footing in a world in the midst of its own deepest healing.

Each Quiet Prayer

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Thank you for each heart that has answered the call of Love, showing up in a world of great suffering and great beauty, being exposed to all if it — often intensely. Thank you for each quiet prayer from each human soul holding a sacred space because the choice was made to look inside or to reach out for answers, to do what was required — to make this sacred journey into the heart. Thank you […]