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Without Words

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After a while, I learned to listen to the quiet prayer within. It began as a whisper without words, but its presence was enough to light my path when I felt most challenged. It reminded me of the all that was miraculous and led to a place of compassion for myself and others here at this time as souls in human form. Advertisements

In a Time of Uncertainty

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There was peace within the complete surrender to my own offering in a time of uncertainty. It was understood that there were no guarantees of particular outcomes, but I had found those to be precisely the times when the purest love shines most brightly. What mattered most was my resolve to show up and offer the highest thought I could in each experience. Every single negative experience was met with the intention to allow it […]


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I found a lightness I had forgotten and remembered somewhere along the way. I was thankful for all that had led me around and through to that exact point — though I could offer it no words. I was thankful to know we were all evolving. I was honored to continue on — to focus a little more sweetly on where we were going. I knew it was a really tender place. And I knew […]


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As if by candlelight and following a whispered prayer, I set out to find my heart again. Determined as I was to mark the path, I held that light a little higher somewhere along the way. And in that instant, it seemed it wasn’t that we had strayed so far, but that we had forgotten we could change the lighting of this place.

A Little Lighter

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Continuing On

I found life continued to unfold — each of us doing our best to listen to our own quiet prayer, getting lost and returning again and again to silence. I found it a bit humorous after a while — all the trying to understand and interpret. And so I continued on as a part of the mystery — a little lighter — participating without ever leaving the space within my deepest heart and just below […]