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A Place of Reprieve

Quieting January 23, 2018

There were times

when the most pressing work

to be done

was to retrace my steps,

to return to

a place of reprieve —

to soothe

my own heart

a little more.


All That Was Tender

Tenderness January 21, 2018

After a while I learned to be in my heart and in the world. I learned to extract all that was beautiful and all that was tender from each experience. I learned to stand with the part of me that was most healed and let go — holding the door of my heart for all that was not quite beautiful — daring to continue on with love.

With a Hint of Grace

Prayer Cards, Reflections January 2, 2018

There was peace in the delicate way I learned to hold all thoughts and emotions and find my way through challenges — not alone, but with a hint of inner grace and trust I hadn’t known before.

I had gained a respect for the sacred journey back to our hearts. Tender places where old wounds lived reminded me of where I had been and the purity of love able to reach through dark places. The intensity of this love remained and softened the need for such extreme contrast.

Something Beautiful

Tenderness December 28, 2017

It took a little practice to become willing to walk a new path. Finding it meant reaching inside for the light needed to take each step. It meant remaining willing to listen to life and feel my way, even through uncomfortable experiences. It meant trusting a whisper of truth to become louder and the most chaotic experiences to soften and be used to create something beautiful, but not all at once and not all alone.

The Path of Tenderness

Tenderness December 28, 2017

There was something about walking through a big enough challenge, the kind that forces the choice to go all the way, to put all cards on the table without a guarantee that it would be enough — trusting it would be met by a greater  power.

And there was something about no longer needing such extreme challenges in order to live out this kind of deep surrender. At a certain point, every moment became a prayer of hope — that the path of tenderness might be a little clearer.


Quieting May 1, 2017

I always returned

to the tenderness

I first knew

to follow.

There were doubts

and questions

and moments where

the path seemed

less clear.

But it always led

me safely back

to the tenderness

within my


Hidden Treasures

Honoring March 23, 2017

I learned

to use all that

had once seemed

unwanted and painful

in my experiences

and inner heart.

I found there was


and connection

and meaning

hidden as treasures

to be found.

And so I vowed

to hold

and honor

and set down

all of it —

until I could

hear my own quiet prayers

more clearly.

It wasn’t always


But it was always


Subtle Knowings

Quieting March 18, 2017

Something longed

to know the space

below the surface —

to tune myself

to subtle knowings

of my own unwhispered


It startled me

at first

to sense

my own true voice

and notice where

attention landed

when it was allowed

to play.

The subtleness

seemed almost

too tender to hold

without trying

to translate into


But I learned to hold

the forming words

a little longer

and allowed my heart

to lead.

The Most Tender Place

Continuing On January 11, 2017

I held on

to a tiny whisper

from my heart

and the smallest bit

of silent space.

I had tried

all other ways

and sensed the time

had come to risk

all that was left

and let go of my mind’s

idea of how

this thing should go.

Anyway, that tiny whisper

couldn’t be ignored

much longer.

The way

to a new place

was through

all I didn’t know —

the most tender place,

this place of


Out of This Place

From A Quiet Prayer October 17, 2016

There were the most

tender moments

of deep connection.

And there were moments

that were painful

beyond description.

Somehow, I found,

it all returned

to tenderness.

And so I continued

to show up

and participate in life

because I had experienced

the endless struggle

in the search

and the relief in finding

just one word

shared out of this place

that could bridge the gap

in my own heart.