From A Quiet Prayer, Softening, What's Right Here


There was a


of the story

on the surface,

a gentle resetting.

The default emotion

become one of


the very thing

my heart had

longed for

and called me to.

There was a more

natural connection

with all of life,

a gentle unfolding

of the quiet prayer

within my heart.

Silent pauses became

welcome parts

of the relaxation into

a gentler way

of being.


From Within

From the outside,

the changes

seemed subtle

at first.

But from within,

it was clear

there was

something different

here —

a steady kind

of deepening,

a whisper of peace

where there had been


a contentment

independent of

outer circumstances

and past struggles,

but always connected —

a life unfolding


out of the quiet prayer

within my heart.

And there was nothing

subtle about that.


The Quieting

The quieting

continued to deepen.

Outer and inner experiences

were no longer seen

as obstacles,

but as life simply

showing up

as I had witnessed

my own self

showing up

to meet life.

And in this quieting,

there was often

sadness —

as again and again,

I offered up

my whole self

to something other than

what my mind imagined

life to be.

But there was always

great peace.


This Natural Rhythm

I found there is

a natural rhythm

of life,

one we lose touch with

when we find ourselves

living in our thoughts

or trying to create

just the right


or feeling state —

trying to figure out

or find

something to make

this life

more predictable

so that it all makes

some kind of sense.

But I found the deepest

kind of peace

in returning to this

most natural rhythm

of life.

And so I allow

my words

to find their own way —

that they might

reflect this natural rhythm

and remind us

what it feels like

to be alive and free.


No Other Choice

Because of

the most challenging

of circumstances,

I was drawn directly

into the center of

my deepest heart.

From this position,

from this blessing

in disguise,

I was able to

walk through anything.

Looking back,

I wouldn’t have chosen

anything at all

over the peace

I found in that moment —

when there was

no other choice.

Continuing On

Into My Heart

I found myself within

a beautiful motion

of holding

and letting go,

allowing attention

to land

where it pleased,

sometimes pausing —

always continuing —

unattached to labels

or the need to

connect all of the dots

too soon —

holding and honoring

all that crossed

my path

as this most natural

rhythm began to feel

more and more

like home —

letting go into

my own deepest heart.