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Beyond Thought

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No words were needed each time I found my way to the quiet prayer in my heart. Words carried there faded with the light of the presence of my own healer Self. The urge to look outward for relief in times of challenge was replaced with the understanding beyond thought found within and reflected outward. Advertisements


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From A Quiet Prayer / Softening / What's Right Here

There was a softening of the story on the surface, a gentle resetting. The default emotion become one of peace, the very thing my heart had longed for and called me to. There was a more natural connection with all of life, a gentle unfolding of the quiet prayer within my heart. Silent pauses became welcome parts of the relaxation into a gentler way of being.

From the Inside

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I learned to create from the inside. The need to have questions answered at once, a perfect outer reflection, and other people’s understanding or approval began to fall away — making way for a deepening peace to be reflected outward from my heart.

Forever Connected

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There was comfort in knowing I was deeply connected with my heart. Things that once caused me to feel lost now reinforced the feeling of inner connectedness. Life around me began to reflect a deeper kind of peace. But it was the feeling of being forever connected within that gently carried me as I continued on.


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After a while, I found I could reach a little past the surface of what appeared. I found I could connect with a peace independent of outer reflections. I found my deepest healing in the space rediscovered, a little more in each moment — within my heart.

From Within

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From the outside, the changes seemed subtle at first. But from within, it was clear there was something different here — a steady kind of deepening, a whisper of peace where there had been none, a contentment independent of outer circumstances and past struggles, but always connected — a life unfolding sweetly out of the quiet prayer within my heart. And there was nothing subtle about that.

Out of Silence

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It was neccesary to find space for healing in my own heart. And so there was a quieting, a sinking down — a leaping past old triggers and thoughts for a moment so that I could turn around and walk through all that was in need of healing from a different direction — out of silence.