There was a


of the story

on the surface,

a gentle resetting.

The default emotion

become one of


the very thing

my heart had

longed for

and called me to.

There was a more

natural connection

with all of life,

a gentle unfolding

of the quiet prayer

within my heart.

Silent pauses became

welcome parts

of the relaxation into

a gentler way

of being.


From the Inside

I learned to create

from the inside.

The need to have

questions answered

at once,

a perfect outer


and other people’s


or approval

began to fall

away —

making way for

a deepening peace

to be reflected


from my heart.

Forever Connected

There was

comfort in knowing

I was deeply connected

with my heart.

Things that once

caused me to

feel lost

now reinforced

the feeling of

inner connectedness.

Life around me

began to reflect

a deeper kind

of peace.

But it was

the feeling of being

forever connected


that gently carried me

as I continued on.


After a while,

I found I could

reach a little past

the surface

of what appeared.

I found I could

connect with

a peace independent

of outer


I found my deepest

healing in the space


a little more in each

moment —

within my heart.

Along the Way

There was something


in having healed

to the core,

the memory of

the veering off

from the more widely

traveled path,

and the gentle way

it seemed

to circle back

to reach the most

tender treasures


along the way.

From Within

From the outside,

the changes

seemed subtle

at first.

But from within,

it was clear

there was

something different

here —

a steady kind

of deepening,

a whisper of peace

where there had been


a contentment

independent of

outer circumstances

and past struggles,

but always connected —

a life unfolding


out of the quiet prayer

within my heart.

And there was nothing

subtle about that.

Out of Silence

It was neccesary

to find

space for healing

in my own heart.

And so there was

a quieting,

a sinking down —

a leaping past

old triggers and


for a moment

so that I could

turn around

and walk through

all that was in need

of healing

from a different direction —

out of silence.

All That Remains

When I feel

the presence

of all that remains

unhealed in me,

remind me

of the sacred honor

and tenderness

found in these places.

Help me to pause.

Center me always

in my heart —

that I may offer

my part

out of the purest love

that we are.


Almost Forgotten

And so I vowed

to go to the

very center of

my heart,

to do whatever

was required,

not knowing

what I would find

or if I would ever

make my way back,

no longer waiting

for relief

or healing

from outside of me —

reaching only

for the faint whispers

from a place

almost forgotten..

The Quieting

The quieting

continued to deepen.

Outer and inner experiences

were no longer seen

as obstacles,

but as life simply

showing up

as I had witnessed

my own self

showing up

to meet life.

And in this quieting,

there was often

sadness —

as again and again,

I offered up

my whole self

to something other than

what my mind imagined

life to be.

But there was always

great peace.