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No Words

Continuing On, Unsorted November 28, 2018

For the parts of me that have bravely carried on for the sake of survival, while feeling disconnected from the whole, I hold this silent prayer — knowing no words could compete with the sincerely felt presence, honor, and receptiveness held back for too long. Amen


A Quiet Prayer

Quieting, Unsorted November 20, 2018

For a time, everything reflected back a sense of disconnection, but there was a faded memory of a deeper truth just beneath the surface — a quiet prayer that, when held just lightly enough, began the gentle task of transformation. Life was returned to the sacred prayer it was meant to be. All things were held safely within this transformation into tenderness.


Quieting March 24, 2018

I found there had always been a quiet prayer within my heart. It had been covered up for a while by the noise of the world and the noise within.

It was there each time I dared not to listen to the endless chatter of mind and allowed my attention to land on the space beyond objects and subtle energies within. It appeared gently, as a whisper — like a subtle breeze I might have easily missed.