Just Below the Surface

I found

the journey

of life

included some things

that were difficult

to look at

at first.

There were certain thoughts

and memories

and wounds

and moments of


There were shadows.

And there was

the desire to

believe that I could

somehow make sense

of all of it

through endless

sorting on the surface.

But peace came

when I had

exhausted every attempt

to sort life out

on the surface.

Eventually I had to

trust in my own

unique process

of feeling

into my heart

and see from a wider view —

just below the surface.

15 thoughts on “Just Below the Surface”

      1. Gosh I love that. I am reading the little caption under and stopping stripping away all these roles, these names…and tell me who you really are. Who you really are Wow we’ve listening to this over and over so much. Oh I just thought of the part…where is your attention where is your prayer where is your song…Wow still don’t know what that means but something I’m sure! 😀

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  1. Beautiful. I actually have a picture of a duck paddling his feet under the surface of the water and your poem is what it brings to mind. Just below the surface ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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