6 thoughts on “Into Emptiness”

  1. I like this.
    I share what is helpful to me to listen to because often I don’t find a new way of being in the world
    reflected around me. We are still really focused on the 3D solid what we see reality and thought. Unmani is comforting to me lately. For a while, I tried to fit in and let go of part of me that could feel her way in the world. It’s a bit overwhelming to bring that part of me back sometimes now.

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  2. Ok…So I’m not so interested in thoughts and manifesting as much as being in this tender empty void creative space… Maybe more feeling/imagery.
    I’m having experiences right now that I’m noticing I can choose to follow thoughts that lead to more anxiety…Or do this new thing I can’t quite put into words. It’s following intuition and feeling my way. Of course I am hearing examples of both around me. It feels risky to follow my own knowing because as a kid, I let go of that. I numbed it completely away. I’m not willing to do that again…so this desire to hold onto it kind of overrides the fear.

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