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In My Heart and in the World

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I learned to look for the light in every experience, no matter how dark it looked at first glance. It meant being willing to not know exactly how situations would transform, while knowing they would in fact transform. It meant being willing to be still in my heart and diligent with thoughts while daring to place my feet in the world of form. There was a delicate softening — the transformation into tenderness. Tenderness spilled […]

What Now

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What Now was a gentle way of continuing on. It meant being okay with where I was. It meant being okay with where others were as well. It meant letting go of the need for outer stories to go a certain way, while still being present and offering my part I found What Now to be a good place to focus in each moment. It was a saving grace to learn to keep my focus on the unfolding […]

Out of Emptiness

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I found the more I looked and anchored myself just below the surface and practiced filtering all things through my heart, the more I was able to filter out pieces of truth. I trusted in my ability to know when to pull back and integrate, taking care to push just enough — avoiding extreme ups and downs. I began to listen and trust in my own attention and the gentle thoughts that formed out of […]

Through Tears

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There were times when I didn’t know whether to form words or not, when I knew crying out wouldn’t lead to any more understanding. And so I vowed to honor the sadness beneath the frustration in my own heart and reach past my own temptation to lesson the discomfort I felt by holding a false sense of security in a made up story of separateness. And so I let go of all of it, trusting […]

All That Was Left

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Because I had felt the subtle shifting at the bottom of my heart and noticed its reflection outside of me, I continued on — keeping my focus in my heart — whispering, feeling, and being that same quiet prayer I had followed so long ago — when it was all that was left.