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From Within

Prayers December 5, 2017

Help us to remember that underneath

all that appears is a quiet space —

where we know we are more than

the parts we play.

Remind us of the sacred art of healing

from within. Amen


Out of Emptiness

Unsorted January 29, 2017

I found

the more I looked

and anchored myself

just below the surface

and practiced filtering

all things

through my heart,

the more I was able

to filter out

pieces of truth.

I trusted in my ability

to know

when to pull back

and integrate,

taking care to

push just enough —

avoiding extreme

ups and downs.

I began to listen

and trust in my own


and the gentle thoughts

that formed

out of emptiness,

through my willingness

to let go

of all of it

and my persistence

to wait patiently

for the slightest bit

of truth

that would carry me

safely to the next

needed step.

Through Tears

Unsorted January 23, 2017

There were times

when I didn’t know

whether to form words

or not,

when I knew

crying out

wouldn’t lead

to any more


And so I vowed

to honor the sadness

beneath the frustration

in my own heart

and reach

past my own

temptation to lesson

the discomfort I felt

by holding a false sense

of security

in a made up story

of separateness.

And so I let go

of all of it,

trusting whatever was


to find its way back.

And I wrote

through my tears.

A Little at a Time

Continuing On, Unsorted October 6, 2016

It became increasingly helpful

to meet life

from a gentler place.

And so I held

my ground within

my heart —

remembering how

I had so delicately

held and let go

of all that crossed

my path

as I found my way

to this position —

letting go of all

I couldn’t sort out

all at once —

noticing as

pieces came together —

a little at a time —

naturally —

without my


and doing.

And with this same

natural motion,

I continued on.