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A Wider View

Reflections August 3, 2017

A little at a time,

I learned

to trust in

the natural flow

of life.

I learned to

wait a little longer

to form judgements

and interpretations.

I learned to

not wait so long

to reach

for the part

of me

that could see

a wider view

and offer just enough

in each moment.


Only This

Continuing On September 25, 2016

I began

to blur the surface

details just a little,

trusting the internal,

natural resonance

with truth

I had heard

with my heart.

I found

this gentler way

led to the same

pure place I had

risked everything

to find.

And so I

continued on —

holding my ground —

holding only this.

Where There Is Trust

Prayers September 18, 2016

May we come together

in this moment —

stepping outside

all the places

where we feel small

or wounded —

that we may see

from a higher place

and acknowledge our struggles,

no matter how small

or great —

remembering our true power

as wholeness —

uniting together

from this truer place

where there is

natural connection

and trust —

where there is true

and lasting healing —

finding courage

to show up

as our truest selves.


In Trust

Letting Go September 18, 2016

There were times

when the absolute best

I could do

was take the very next

needed step in trust

that the next

would appear

just as needed —

just as it had

always been.

And in-between these

small leaps of faith,

the voices of doubt grew

so much quieter

that I found myself

straining to hear —

as if their presence

could offer

any real security.

Funny, I had thought

they did.

Into the Silent Spaces

From A Quiet Prayer July 31, 2016

At a certain point,

it seemed fitting

to sink down

a little more into

the silent spaces

within my heart,

to reach beyond

the complexities of being

in a healing world.

It seemed most natural

to search for this place

in others,

to let go

of the outdated ideas

of healing and peace

and to show up in a new way —

to embrace the unknown

with honor

and openness —

to become willing to participate

in our own evolution —

trusting the way to be shown.

Just Enough

Reflections January 30, 2016

There came a time

when the parts

of me

that had worked

so hard

to find the way back

began to trust

just enough

to let go

a little more.

And so I became

even quieter

in my heart.

And I understood

what it really means

to be still

and to trust.

— Laurie, Healer of My Own Heart

I have written these words as my own medicine. I share them with you with love and a quiet prayer.