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From a State of Prayer

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There was pain in returning to wholeness. It was painful to reach back to parts of myself stuck in the past. And it was painful to begin to feel the pain of others as my own pain. But there was no turning back. There was a tenderness in tapping into truth that I was unwilling to let go of again. And so I continued to meet each unfolding moment from a state of prayer — […]

With a Hint of Grace

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Prayer Cards / Reflections

There was peace in the delicate way I learned to hold all thoughts and emotions and find my way through challenges — not alone, but with a hint of inner grace and trust I hadn’t known before. I had gained a respect for the sacred journey back to our hearts. Tender places where old wounds lived reminded me of where I had been and the purity of love able to reach through dark places. The […]

A Wider View

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A little at a time, I learned to trust in the natural flow of life. I learned to wait a little longer to form judgements and interpretations. I learned to not wait so long to reach for the part of me that could see a wider view and offer just enough in each moment.

In Trust

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Continuing On

I couldn’t see how all those pieces could ever come together. But I had decided it was worth the risk to continue on — in trust. And so I tossed all that I thought I knew and opened my arms to catch whatever truth, whatever pieces came back down — knowing there was room for my own reaching — knowing I didn’t reach alone.

My Very Best

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Life began to feel more organic. Trying to be a certain way or thing was replaced with natural movements of exploring and doing my very best with the pieces in front of me in each moment — showing up as my truest self again and again — trusting in life — because I had dared to let go of everything.