A State of Prayer

Letting go of trying

to sort and heal,

letting go of everything

I have been trying

to process,

trusting the pieces

to fall back down

a little at a time,

in a way I can understand,

I enter a state

of prayer.

The shift is immediate. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I naturally enter a state of prayer. And what a relief! I immediately return to my true nature — naturally holding and letting go of what appears, doing the things I need to do, letting go of what can wait, feeling a deep peace underneath whatever is happening on the surface — honoring feelings and circumstances (past and present) without feeling stuck in them.

It took me many years to get to this place. I wish someone would have told me what it is like. It’s not that everything is settled in me. There is much healing happening in the world. Healing and awakening has meant being able to connect with a place of wholeness, while also allowing life to unfold — in a state of prayer.

4 thoughts on “A State of Prayer”

  1. I think prayer is needed to tune in before that with others, with ourselves, to touch base with Who created us and knows everything. When we forget our capacity to be compassionate, we become simple individuals, mainly interested in satisfying our basic instincts. Man is distinguished from animals also for this, born to improve himself and, in this way, get closer to God’s will. Love, W.

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