Just the Same

With a little courage,

I stood still

in my heart.

And in this place,

I found I could see clearly

at last.

I found I was held

in a gentle embrace,

a deeper me.

I learned

to hold and let go

of all that found its way here.

And to my surprise,

I found I had embraced

this deeper me right back

and healed her

just the same.


9 thoughts on “Just the Same”

  1. A precious Dreamwalker she is… And such a comfort always, dearest Laurie, feeling your journey through your words, art, music you choose… Thank you for sharing all this even as a busy mom. And whenever inspiration washes over your heart among not-so-divinely-aware fellow drivers or any other stressed out souls, I ask my Archangel to be placing his blue cloak of protection around you. Love you my sister! Leon

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    1. Awe. Much love back. I love those stressed out souls too. It is just kind of funny to me sometimes. I think some people picture me off meditating these poems out. But I’m right in the middle of the chaos too. ❀ Love right back. — Laurie

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      1. In the middle of the chaos, Love, not the producer of it, right? A wonderful role model for your daughter, too. Thank you so much for not judging them. I do love and always only bless them myself, send angelic guidance their way for their own good and also for all of you close to my heart to be less vulnerable to their educational misalignments. And although most would say I look quite “normal” myself, I do lev… errr, I mean med-itate while driving πŸ˜€ , my way of handling chaos with mindfulness. Thank you for all your beauty, Laurie; it IS from out of this world, working through it, healing it. Hugs, Leon

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