I found a lightness

I had forgotten

and remembered


along the way.

I was thankful

for all that had

led me around

and through

to that exact

point —

though I could offer it

no words.

I was thankful

to know

we were all


I was honored

to continue on —

to focus

a little more sweetly

on where we were


I knew it was

a really tender place.

And I knew it was

a tender place

right where we stood.

14 thoughts on “Remembered”

  1. Oh, I had a bird just like that!! And a green one! But I was hopeless with them! I hated to keep them in the cage so I let them fly everywhere, and of course one day they flew away. And my fish always just died😔. I love the lightness and the evolution in your poem! 💖💖💖.

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  2. I have to admit I’m thankful to be here and not there anymore, 😂 I never want to go back ever. I’ll stay here.
    Yay yay yay for the seeet little birdie. I know you guys will love this little one and it will seem one day you can’t remember life without her or he. I forgot to ask if it was a girl and how does one know? 😂Have fun my dear friend, 💜💜💜


      1. Well my Pa said like Mandarin ducks the males have all the color. But we only had ducks and geese so I wouldn’t know a thing about the little birds at all. I really love this colorful new soul! ❤ makes me smile!

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