The Path of Tenderness

Tenderness December 28, 2017

There was something about walking through a big enough challenge, the kind that forces the choice to go all the way, to put all cards on the table without a guarantee that it would be enough — trusting it would be met by a greater  power.

And there was something about no longer needing such extreme challenges in order to live out this kind of deep surrender. At a certain point, every moment became a prayer of hope — that the path of tenderness might be a little clearer.

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  1. Sue Dreamwalker says on December 28, 2017

    Only when one has walked such a path can one learn to surrender and trust in our higher selves guiding us to find our way home.
    Beautifully written Laurie, I hope you had a beautiful Christmas, and I wish you and your family a wonderful Happy, Healthy, Peaceful New Year .. ❤

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