Tag: Gentleness

From Within

Softening November 3, 2017

I learned the value

in aligning

with my own


Old patterns

fell away as

I continued to love

all of the many

different parts of


The goal in each

new moment became

accepting and

integrating parts of

the whole,

allowing love

to flow more freely

from within.



Softening November 3, 2017

There was a settling


into my heart

that continued to


I began to understand

beyond thinking

and listen beyond


I learned to hold

my own shadows

and light —

letting go of ideas

held too tightly

in exchange for

the lightness

of compassion for

myself and others

and the renewed strength

to continue on

as a clearer reflection

of my own quiet



Unsorted February 5, 2017

I vowed

to take all that was

not beautiful in my

own heart

and transform it —


I vowed to hold

each wounded part

in me,

including those that were

most difficult

to hold.

And when it was

not possible,

I held the empty space

of their absence.

I showed up

for each life experience.

I held it all

until it was possible

to set it all down.

And I found

that wherever

I placed myself

within this sacred journey,

I was held

safely within

my true,

whole self.