My Own Quiet Prayer

Following a prayer from

a deeper part of me

felt more like listening than

creating plans of action.

It meant turning down

the volume on old patterns

of thought and trusting my own

inner resonance in deciding

where to place my feet.

It was comforting to feel

the familiarity as I moved

a little closer to my own

quiet prayer.

12 thoughts on “My Own Quiet Prayer”

      1. And Laurie Love, I feel that it could make you and all of us shine with joy, if you would like to request the above song from our precious British worship singer [Hayley]. I believe she will enthusiastically create a deeply touching cover of it, and I’d love to see you, or maybe you and our Michelle together, be a part of this. Of course you are free to tell her that you were directed here by Leon and Plutonia.

        This would be Hayley’s second recording, her first wonderful video is also to be found in our blog’s footer area under a photograph and some art that inspired her.

        Whatever you choose, you are so loved, and we are all one grateful soul family here.
        Thank you for your healing heart, Laurie.
        Divine love and courage always through Leon

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