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If Only For a Moment

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I found all things eventually reached the point where there was no real option but to let go and trust in a higher wisdom. Trying to hold on too tightly never really worked out. Again and again, I was faced with increasingly complex experiences where my only hope was to trust I would be met and guided by my healer self with each step. In those moments, I wasn’t depending on my own limited sense […]

From a State of Prayer

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There was pain in returning to wholeness. It was painful to reach back to parts of myself stuck in the past. And it was painful to begin to feel the pain of others as my own pain. But there was no turning back. There was a tenderness in tapping into truth that I was unwilling to let go of again. And so I continued to meet each unfolding moment from a state of prayer — […]

Whatever Remained

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One day I realized the peace I felt had come out of the quiet moments, the insights that came that couldn’t be shared or explained. It had come out of whatever remained of the grief of being within a separate self and the grace of having found my way back to my whole heart. It was the non-verbal kind of feeling my way through life that had saved me. It was the wisdom beyond stories […]

The Quiet Prayer That Carried Me

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There were times when the stories around me were complex. I knew the only hope was a miracle — often more than one. And so I vowed to clear my own mind and heart and become one with the quiet prayer that had carried me that far. I vowed to hold the remaining bits of trauma in my heart — knowing they would be transforned into healing words. And I held each new moment as […]

From Here

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Continuing On

And so the decision was made to continue on. There was no room in that moment for regret or any other cluttering thought. There was silent understanding in each open heart that the time had come to listen a little more deeply and speak a little more intently from here.

My Own Quiet Prayer

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Following a prayer from a deeper part of me felt more like listening than creating plans of action. It meant turning down the volume on old patterns of thought and trusting my own inner resonance in deciding where to place my feet. It was comforting to feel the familiarity as I moved a little closer to my own quiet prayer.

A Path I Couldn’t See

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Prayer Cards / Reflections

There were times when the most loving thing I could do was to let go of all the pieces I had been trying to fit together. I learned to toss it all and trust the right pieces to come back down in each moment. I learned to trust the part of me that could hold and let go of all of my experiencs. I liked the tenderness of subtle insights and the feeling of connection […]


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There was a settling down into my heart that continued to deepen. I began to understand beyond thinking and listen beyond words. I learned to hold my own shadows and light — letting go of ideas held too tightly in exchange for the lightness of compassion for myself and others and the renewed strength to continue on as a clearer reflection of my own quiet prayer.

After a While

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Continuing On

I found peace in each moment of choice. I found it each time I dared to look things straight in the face and reach for the most healed part of me and others and for the divine. It was a choice. The option was always there to close my eyes and stop reaching. But I understood where that led — after a while.