As a Prayer

Quieting January 4, 2017

I learned to listen

with my heart,

to experience

what was right there

in front of me,

and to trust

the natural response

to arise

as a prayer —

somehow, mysteriously


down into all the places

I had tried so hard

to reach.


Comments 10

  1. Em says on January 4, 2017

    This is really beautiful 🙂 thanks for posting and sharing it, I love your poetry and find it so uplifting and encouraging, sending new year wishes, Em

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  2. MichelleMarie says on January 5, 2017

    Amazing all the trying goes away and effort. Thank you for this. This is the first place I came today I needed a prayer and here it is. I’m listening to this song a lot lately. I love you ❤️

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