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The more I began to focus on what was appearing right in front of me, the more I felt the presence of my own wholeness. There was a holding and letting go of what appeared on the surface and a sense of connection I knew couldn’t be lost. Advertisements

What Is Left

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After all of the holding and letting go, more than I ever thought possible, what is left is a silence, a reverence — a trace of lingering sadness, a treasured tenderness surrounded by the purest love. —What’s Right Here Advertisements

With Love

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What's Right Here

I hold what is here with love — the natural unfolding, this clear space, the reverence — all of this, including all that is painful and confusing. Even as I feel the shifting ground beneath me, I accept and love all of it as it is — right here. I know these arms have held the indescribable pain of separateness, reaching inward and through — daring to hold ALL of the pieces of their own […]

Into Wholeness

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I found hidden clues about myself and how to proceed in the symptoms and those annoying situations I found myself in — the ones I had interpreted as simply something to avoid at all cost. I found that by opening to my own hidden insights, I was able to move more fully into wholeness. Advertisements

Sacred Journey

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Healing my own heart was a delicate process of looking within and gently holding all of the parts of my whole self with the purest love — with the help of my own inner healer and each tiny piece that courageously showed up to offer its own unique set of skills gathered though an often painful, incredibly sacred human soul journey. Advertisements

Without Doubt

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For a dear friend who asked me what I learned after a long recovery from anorexia and for all of us —   I found that, without a doubt, who I am is more than this human body and mind. I know this, not because I studied with enlightened beings, even though I did. I know this because I lived it. That is the power and tender treasure in this human journey, especially those that […]