Through Tears

There were times

when I didn’t know

whether to form words

or not,

when I knew

crying out

wouldn’t lead

to any more


And so I vowed

to honor the sadness

beneath the frustration

in my own heart

and reach

past my own

temptation to lesson

the discomfort I felt

by holding a false sense

of security

in a made up story

of separateness.

And so I let go

of all of it,

trusting whatever was


to find its way back.

And I wrote

through my tears.

7 thoughts on “Through Tears”

  1. AWE I love this writing through the tears! I find we do that a lot! It’s exhausting this love sometimes when the desire to help is met with not accepting the help! Sigh! I love this song! It’s true our blessings sometimes come through tears and much sadness! ❀ I love you!

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