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Unshakeable Peace

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Words began to flow ever so slowly from a gentler place within. It was an aquired taste to be willing to stand still in a sea of unsorted, sometimes painful thoughts and wait for a new kind of thought to form, but I was more than willing. I had lived the contrast long enough. There was no mistaking the feeling of truth in my body as I dared to let old patterns fall aside and […]

Without Words

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After a while, I learned to listen to the quiet prayer within. It began as a whisper without words, but its presence was enough to light my path when I felt most challenged. It reminded me of the all that was miraculous and led to a place of compassion for myself and others here at this time as souls in human form.

One Continuous Prayer

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The new chosen path was an unbelievable contrast to the old. From the outside, it didn’t always appear to be all that different, but from the inside it was clearly new. Instead of being pulled under by thoughts and experiences, all that appeared in my mind and in the world was seen as raw pieces of one continuous prayer.

Waiting for Words

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Waiting for Words

I learned to listen with my heart — navigating my way gently through all that had been too much. I found I could back up a little when part of me needed picking up. I found relief in letting go of everything, refocusing in my heart and waiting for words to form as a prayer — reaching deep down to where I couldn’t reach before — always just enough.

Through Tears

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There were times when I didn’t know whether to form words or not, when I knew crying out wouldn’t lead to any more understanding. And so I vowed to honor the sadness beneath the frustration in my own heart and reach past my own temptation to lesson the discomfort I felt by holding a false sense of security in a made up story of separateness. And so I let go of all of it, trusting […]

This Quiet Space

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It’s a delicate thing to walk this path — to know a truth so deeply, in its most raw form, having become willing to stand still in the heart — to follow the quiet, wordless prayer found there — to remain in this quiet space and wait for words.  

Safely Back

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Let us remember the magical power of words shared freely from the heart — the gentle, mysterious pull that awakens souls, transforms human struggles into quiet prayers, and carries all things safely back as the most precious treasures. Amen