Within My Heart

At a certain point,

turning back

wasn’t really an


Continuing to

push and try

to force any pieces

to fit at all

began to look

a little silly.

And so I vowed

to allow

myself to blend

a little more


with the quiet prayer

I held within

my heart.

14 thoughts on “Within My Heart”

  1. “And continuing to push and try so hard to force any pieces to fit at all began to look a little silly.” I laughed out loud when I arrived at the word ‘silly’. I truly feel we’re in similar stages. I feel exactly the same about the way I used to live my life. A little bit silly. Or a lot. I feel I’m finally coming to my senses, thankfully.

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  2. When you said that force the pieces I imagined myself with all this frayed stuff hanging out from trying to shove the wrong stuff in this puzzle. I love this so much! It does make me laugh and shake my head at myself! πŸ™‚ ❀

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